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Tablet capsule bottle filling production line

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Tablet capsule bottle filling production line

Automatic Tablet /Capsule Bottle Packaging lines are suitable for counting and filling wide range of tablet sizes between 5-25 mm and hard gelatin capsules #5~#00 in plastic or glass bottles .It is the most complete ,innovative and affordable bottling line in the marketplace .We fully integrated this line to include from bottle unscrambler, counting and filling, paper and desiccant inserting, capping ,inspecting ,induction sealing to pressure sensitive labeling system.

    product description

    1.Bottle unscrambler
    The motor drives the bottle unscrambler to work through gear transmission. The bottles in the bottle hopper are rotated from the bottom of the bottle unscrambler to the top of the bottle unscrambler through the semi-circular slot of the unscrambler, and the bottles in the semi-circular slot are unscrambled by the bottle-turning plate of the unscrambler mechanism, and the bottle mouth is automatically turned downward. The bottom-up bottle is turned over to complete the unscrambling.    
    2.counting machine
    The bottle blocking part on the bottle feeding track of the conveying bottle mechanism blocks the bottle conveyed from the previous equipment at the fixed bottling position, waiting for filling. The medicine enters the material storage place in an orderly manner through the vibration of the feeding corrugated plate. The storage place  is equipped with a counting photoelectric sensor, and the medicine falling into the storage place is quantitatively counted by the photoelectric counting sensor and then put into the bottle.
    3.Desiccant stuffing machine
    The bottle-stopping cylinder on the bottle-feeding track of the conveying bottle mechanism stops the bottle conveyed from the previous equipment at the position where to wait for the desiccant to be filled, and the bottle mouth is aligned with the shearing mechanism. The stepper motor drives the bag feeding mechanism to pull the desiccant bag out of the desiccant bag tray, the color sensor detects the desiccant bag and controls the bag length, the scissors cuts the desiccant bag, puts it into a bottle. The conveyor belt conveys the loaded desiccant medicine bottle to the next equipment, and at the same time, the medicine bottle to be filled with desiccant is replenished to the position for filling the desiccant bag.
    4.Capping machine
    The bottle caps are sorted by the cap sorting mechanism, and the bottle caps facing up are continuously sent to the cap drop track. Bottles transported from other equipment on the assembly line to the bottle delivery track enter the cap-dropping area. When the bottle is clamped by the bottle clamping device on both sides and moves forward, the bottle cap is automatically put on. The capping device presses the bottle cap to the pre-tightening state before capping. Under the function of three pairs of high-speed rotating wear-resistant rubber wheels, the bottle cap is tightly screwed on the bottle body.
    5. Electromagnetic Aluminum Foil Sealer
    The bottle with aluminum foil passes under the sensor head, and the aluminum foil receives the energy generated by the sensor head for heating. The heated aluminum foil will melt the plastic film compounded on the aluminum foil and tightly bond with the bottle mouth to obtain the sealing effect.
    6. Self-adhesive round bottle side labeling machine
    The bottles that need to be labeled are transmitted through the bottle delivery track, and the bottles are equidistanced by the bottle distance adjustment mechanism. The photoelectric sensor senses the passing bottles, sends a signal, and the transmission system receives the signal, and starts to send the label. The tension system realizes the tension of the label paper belt. After the code is printed by the coding machine, the label paper positioning photoelectric sensor is positioned according to the length of the label paper, and the label paper automatically peels off under the action of the labeling part and the labeling part, Paste it on the required position of the bottle to complete the whole labeling process.

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