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ZP-15F rotary tablet press machine candy press

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ZP-15F rotary tablet press machine candy press

ZP-15F rotary tablet press is a single-pressure automatic rotary continuous tablet press that presses granular raw materials into various ordinary and special-shaped tablets. It is suitable for small batch production of tablets in drug R&D centers and laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry. The outer shell is fully enclosed and made of stainless steel, complying with GMP standards.

    product description

    1. The upper part of this machine is a tableting structure. It mainly consists of three parts: upper punch, middle die and lower punch. The surrounding 15/17/19 punch dies are evenly arranged on the edge of the turntable. The tails of the upper and lower punches are embedded in the fixed curved track. When the turntable rotates, the upper and lower punches move up and down along with the curved track to achieve the purpose of tableting.
    2. The main working process is divided into: (1) filling; (2) pressurizing; (3) tablet discharging. The three procedures are carried out continuously. There are adjustment and control mechanisms for filling and pressurizing, and instructions on the table are attached, making the operation easy.
    3. This machine adopts a flow grid feeding mechanism, which can make the material evenly fill the die holes and reduce the difference in tablet weight.
    4. The motor is installed in the machine base, and a V-belt is used to drive the worm drive turntable, and a continuously variable speed pulley is installed on the motor shaft. Through the movement of the motor slide, the speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, making it safe, reliable and noiseless to use.
    5. There is a dust suction port on the side of the machine, which is connected to the vacuum cleaner to remove dust. When the machine is running at high speed, flying powder and powder falling from the middle mold are produced, which can be removed through the powder suction nozzle to avoid sticking and clogging. , to maintain smooth and normal operation.

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    Product parameters

     Punching dies (Set)

    15 set

    Main pressure (Kn)


    Maximum tablet diameter (mm)


    Maximum filling depth (mm)


    Maximum tablet thickness (mm)


    Turntable speed (r/min)


    Production capacity (pcs/h)


    Motor power (Kw)


    Overall dimensions (mm)


    Weight (Kg)