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ZPW-23 Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Rotary tablet press

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ZPW-23 Rotary Tablet Press Machine

ZPW-23 rotary tablet press is suitable for pressing double-layer and three-layer tablets, and can press granular raw materials into tablets. It is mainly applicable to the production of tablets in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as to the chemical, food, electronic and other industrial sectors. According to the order requirements, it can press round pieces, special-shaped pieces and double-sided lettering pieces

    product description

    1. The outer casing is fully enclosed, and the material is made of stainless steel, and the inner table is made of stainless steel, which can maintain the surface gloss and prevent cross-contamination, in line with GMP requirements.

    2 .Equipped with a transparent protective cover to clearly observe the state of the tablet pressing, the side panels can be fully opened, which is easy for internal cleaning and maintenance.

    3. All controllers and operating parts are arranged reasonably, and the man-machine interface frequency conversion speed regulating device is used for electrical speed regulation and reverse reversal.

    4. Easy to operate, stable rotation, safe and accurate. Implement electromechanical integration, adopt touch screen PLC control and operation.

    5. The transmission system is sealed in the oil tank under the main body of the machine. It is a completely separated independent component, and it will not pollute each other. It is easy to dissipate heat and wear.

    6. The machine is equipped with a dust suction device, which can absorb the flying dust in the pressing room.

    7. The machine has a high pressure and can adapt to the production of various large and small tablets and tablets that are difficult to form.

    8. According to the order requirements, special tablets such as single-layer tablets, double-layer tablets, and triple-layer tablets can be pressed.

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    Product parameters



    Punch dies

    23 set

    Max. working pressure

    100 kn

    Max. tablet diameter

    φ40 mm

    Max. tablet thickness

    12 mm

    Max. filling depth

    25 mm

    Max. Capacity (3 layers)

    21000 pcs/h

    Turntable working diameter

    445 mm

    Turntable speed

    10-25 r/min

    Die diameter

    45 mm

    Middle die height

    30 mm

    Upper and lower punch diameter

    32 mm

    Upper Punch Length

    175 mm

    Lower punch length

    180 mm


    1000*1250*1900 mm

    Machine weight

    3200 kg

    Equipped with motor model


    Main motor power

    7.5 kw