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HFD series Vacuum Freeze dryer machine

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HFD series Vacuum Freeze dryer machine

HFD series Vacuum freeze drying is the removal of water or other solvents from the frozen samples. During the whole drying process, the sample is in liquid state and the temperature is generally lower than -10. The purpose of vacuum freeze drying is to restore the original characteristics of the sample after rehydration.

HFD series vacuum freeze dryer is a kind of freeze-drying machine widely used in high performance laboratory. Freeze dry glass flask and serum bottle of solid and liquid samples. A variety of containers can be carried out on the same freeze dryer.

    Product description

    HFD series machine is applicable to the bacteria, virus, plasma, serum extract, antibody, vaccine and drug products: such as chloramphenicol, streptomycin, vitamins, enzymes and biological test of the plant extracts.

    The principle of sublimation can be explained briefly with water map. When the pressure is higher than 611Pa, the water will go through three phases of solid, liquid and gas. When the air pressure is equal to 611Pa, the dissolution curve, the vapor pressure curve and the sublimation curve three lines are at one point, that is, the three phase point. When the pressure is lower than 611Pa and reached the sublimation curve, the ice can be directly into a solid state gas.

    There are five hot sales model, HFD-1 HFD-4 HFD -6 HFD-8 HFD-15, the major difference is the capacity higher increase.

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    Technical parameters

    Major data sheet for hot sales model:






    Freeze-dried area





    Material tray size

    140*278 mm

    200*425 mm

    310*440 mm

    265*435 mm

    Material tray

    3 pcs

    4 pcs

    4 pcs

    8 pcs


    1-2 kg/batch

    4-6 kg/batch

    6-8 kg/batch

    10-12 kg/batch

    Max. water catching capacity

    3 kg/24h

    4 kg/24h

    6 kg/24h

    10 kg/24h

    Cold trap temp


    Ultimate vacuum

    under 2 Pa

    Power supply

    220V 50HZ (110V, 380V can be customized)

    Electric power





    Machine weight

    50 kg

    80 kg

    120 kg

    140 kg

    Machine size

    670*600*780 mm

    700*630*900 mm

    730*810*1180 mm

    730*810*1180 mm

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