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Heating dryer Machine

Dryer machine

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Heating dryer Machine

This HX series heating dryer machine has a compact structure, great energy-saving, wide application, high drying quality, easy to clean and movable. Its whole body inside and outside is made of 304 stainless steel, so it has strong anti-corrosion and ruts-proof.

It is widely used to dry various materials, like food, vegetables, fruit and pharmaceutical powder and granulates. They are durable and ideal for small to large businesses, there are several types and 24 layers is mostly cost effective type.

    Product description

    This HX series dryer machine can be used in many application, like agriculture, industry, seafood, grain, herbs, construction, paper products, seasoning, mineral industry, etc.

    1. Dry vegetables: like radish, lettuce, pumpkin, carrots, spinach, cassava,etc. 

    2. Dry fruits: like apple, lemon, mango slices, peach, apricots, etc. 

    3. Dry meat: like sausage, beef, duck, ham, etc. 

    4. Dry seafood: fish, shrimp, seaweed, etc.

    5. Others it can dry noodle, wooden, stick incense, herbs, etc.

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    Great Advantages 

    ◆ Saving energy: Input 1kw of electricity, absorb 3kw of air source, output of 4kw heat energy, energy saving ups to 75%.

    ◆ Each hour consumption is 1kw-h, can dehydrate 3.5kg water.

    ◆ Dried evenly: ◆Hot air to each tray, top and bottom dried at the same-time.

    ◆ It can achieve rapid drying at low temperature without destroying the function and appearance of the material. 

    ◆ Two tray types, fully base tray and grid type trays, you can choose for material size.

    ◆ PLC intelligent control panel, can control by computer, can setting drying temperature and humidity, phase setting etc.

    ◆ Layered rack design to match a variety of trays. 

    ◆ Small footprint, have wheel, can move at any time. 

    ◆ Longer service life up to 10-15 years, no maintenance fee.

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    Technical parameters



    Grid size

    670*670 mm

    Standard configuration

    24 grids+ 1 pcs ss304 plate


    100kg before drying



    Net weight

    94 kg

    Gross weight

    139.5 kg

    Machine size

    880*700*1450 mm

    Package size

    1150*810*1570 mm