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Liquid bottle filling machine production line

Liquid bottle filling machine

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Liquid bottle filling machine production line

This liquid bottle filling machine production line is a fully automatically production line, we can make a suitable program based on your bottle size, bottle capping type and filling amount. The standard filling production line can complete three steps from bottle cleaning to water and liquid filling and finally do bottle capping. This production line is widely used in beverage filling, bear filling, win filling, yogurt filling, besides the whole production line is very flexible, you can ask for any extra features based on your product.

    product description

    Production line steps:

    1. Washing Parts -- washing bottles

    2. Filling Parts -- filling water into bottle

    3. Capping Parts -- put caps on bottles

    This Wash-filling-capping 3-in-1unit beverage filling machine is used to produce polyester bottled mineral water, purified water, alcoholic beverage machinery and other non-gas beverage machinery. Beverage Machinery can finish all the process such as washing bottle, filling and sealing, it can reduce the materials and Outsiders touch time, improve the sanitary conditions, production capacity and economic efficiency.

    The Complete Bottled Mineral Water / Pure Water Production Line used in the beverage filling
    operations. The three functions of bottle wash, fill and seal are composed in one body of the machine.

    The whole process is automatic. You can choose either of the three working unites, and for sure can attach with either new unites in later programs.

    Mostly ordered production line model is CGF 8-8-4,

    It can realize fully automatic mineral water glass bottle , plastic bottle filling, beer bottle filling, Yogurt small bottle filling and alu film capping type.

    1. Model CGF8-8-4

    2. Capacity : 3000BPH (500ml)

    3. Suitable : Plastic bottle 250ml-2000ml4. Machine power : 5.5KW

    5. Machine weight : 2800kg

    6. Machine include function : Filling,Sealing.

    7. Application: Beverage, water , juice , oil.

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    Other production line model major data sheet












    φ=50-110 H=170 volume=330-2250ml

    Can Diameter


    Washing pressure

    2~3 kg/cm2

    Machine Power

    2.2 kw

    3 kw

    3.8 kw

    5.5 kw