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Cream paste tube filling and sealing machine

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Cream paste tube filling and sealing machine

This cream paste tube filling and sealing machine is also known as Automatic Ultrasonic Tube Filling Sealing Machine,or tube Sealer. There are mainly three models of the tube sealer, GFW40, GFW 60 and GFW 80. Major difference is the capacity, besides there are extra features optional, for example , fully cover, fully auto tube feeding, date printing , so on. Generally speaking this tube sealing machine is suitable for filling all kinds of pasty and viscous fluid and the materials alike, into plastic and composite metal tubes and then internally heating tubes, sealing and printing lot number. These machines are widely used in the industries of pharmaceutics, food , cosmetic and daily chemicals.

    product description

    One automatically and fully completed production line including the following working process:

    Tube washing and feeding ---eye mark sensor device of marking identification---filling,--- folding, ---sealing-- code printing -- carton box packing-- over bopp film wrapping--master case box packing and sealing. The whole process can be fully controlled by PLC to realize machine complex working continuously.

    Our tube filling machine series has strictly follow GMP standard, we go ISO9000 and CE certificate, and our machines are hot slaes major markets are in European.

    With high quality touch screen & PLC control system employed, convenient, visualized and reliable non-touch operation of the machine is effected.

    Tube washing and feeding conducted pneumatically, accurate and reliable.

    Auto picketage effected by photoelectric inductance.

    Easy adjustment and dismantling.

    Intelligent temperature control and cooling system makes operation easy and sealing reliable.

    With easy and quick adjustment, it is suitable for using multiple kinds of soft tubes for filling.

    The part contacting materials is made of 316L stainless steel, clean, sanitary and conforming to GMP for medicine manufacture.

    With safety device, the machine is shut down when the door is open.

    And filling carried out only with tubes fed. Overload protection.

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    Technical data sheet for three major models





    Power source



    6 Kw



    Tube material

    plastic tube、Composite tube

    Tube diameter


    Tube lenght


    Filling volume


    Filling accuracy

    +_1% GB/T10799-2007

    Product capacity(Pc/min)




    Air supply


    Heat sealing power

    3.0 KW

    Chiller power


    Overall dimension(mm)




    Machine weight(KG)




    Working environment

    Normal temperature and humidity



    Control system

    Variable frequency stepless speed regulation, PLC control


    304/316 stainless steel is used in contact with the paste, and environmentally friendly materials are used in contact with the hose.