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Multi-Functional Pulverizer Water Cooling Pulverizer for Medicinal Materials

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Multi-Functional Pulverizer Water Cooling Pulverizer for Medicinal Materials

This crusher can quickly crush various soft and hard medicinal materials and other materials, including Ganoderma lucidum, American ginseng, Dendrobium officinale, Panax notoginseng, pearls, stem grasses, minerals, whole grains, maca, dried rhizomes, and herbs. Various Chinese herbal medicine materials such as vegetables, fruits, minerals (except oily, wet and sticky materials). The crushing range is wide and suitable for hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, pharmaceutical factories, tablet factories, colleges and universities, laboratories, traditional Chinese medicine processing plants, crop processing plants, etc. Note: The size of the blocks to be put in directly cannot be larger than 4cm.

    Main Features

    1. Water-cooled grinder machine adopts the crushing principle of grading double chambers, the structure of two crushing chambers inside and outside, the coarse and fine powders are combined into one, and the crushing effect is good for the traditional Chinese powder materials with high corresponding degree or difficult crushing with fibers.

    2. The crushing fineness of water-cooled grinder machine is as high as 60~120 mesh, and the finest can reach 180 mesh, so there is no need for multiple crushing and screening.

    3. Water-cooled grinder machine applicable to a wide range of Chinese powder materials, such as Sanqi, Gastrodia elata and other dry block, flake, rhizome and leaf Chinese powder materials (less than 4cm) can be directly fed and crushed.

    4. Water-cooled grinder machine with low loss rate, less residual material, high extraction rate of crushed material.

    5. Water-cooled grinder machine is Ss304 material, meet the GMP standard.

    Water-cooled grinder machine is equipped with a water cooling device, which can feed continuously, with high efficiency and large output, and the fineness of the discharge can be adjusted through the screen;

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    Working principle

    The material enters the crushing chamber through the feed hopper and the feed port. It is first crushed in the first crushing chamber through the relative movement between the rotating toothed disc and the static toothed disc. The primary crushed material is discharged to the third crushing chamber through the discharge hole on the rotating disc. In the second crushing chamber (outer crushing chamber), there is a high-speed rotating hammer head in the outer crushing cavity. The relative movement between the high-speed rotating hammer head and the internal toothed ring in the crushing inner cavity causes the materials to be crushed, torn and rubbed. Crushing is carried out, and the crushed materials are discharged through the screen into the collection bag (or box) under the action of centrifugal force.

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    Technical parameters




    Grinding mesh


    60-180 mesh













    Machine size




    88 kg