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How to choose a suitable tablet press machine

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How to choose a suitable tablet press machine


The tablet press machine is the core key equipment in the solid preparation production process, so it is very important to choose a suitable tablet press machine. A simple answer is call Sarah by 008618918005179 from Shanghai tianhe machinery. But seriously I will high light the following three basic factors to help, three important components of the tablet production process: tablet press, powder granules, and mold.

Tablet press machine

Normally people thinks tablet press is the most important part of the entire tablet production process, because they have to pay and buy one tablet press machine. Actually the most important things is to know exactly what tablets you like to have. What is the raw powder material, the formula, what is tablet size and expected capacity. Generally the tablet size, output and powder features determines the tablet press machine model.

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Each granule has its own unique particle size distribution, flowability and compression properties to meet the required tableting requirements. Some powder like herb based powder ,needs larger press pressure to make hard and shinny tablets. These properties are related to the mold and tablet press you use. Therefore, particles also play a very important role in the size and shape of the tablets.

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Mold/punch tooling

The size and shape of the mold determines the size and shape of the tablets that are pressed. Therefore, the molds on tablet presses come in a variety of sizes and shapes. In addition, the materials, coatings, and heat treatments used in the molds are also different, which will also affect the tableting process. The mold is related to both the tablet press speed and the material particles.

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Generally, I hope this article can help you choose the suitable tablet press machine, and dont forget to call us for more support, becasue , besides our standard machines, we support customization, as long as you propose your request or if you can send us powder samples, we can test the samples and recommend you a suitable and practical tablet press machines for you.

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