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Korean Customs Visiting and Feedbak

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Korean Customs Visiting and Feedbak


In mid-April 2023, our boss Brady Chen came to South Korea to visit three major customers with whom we have cooperated for many years.

Brady first met with Kim, a manufacturer of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients and health products that we have cooperated with for many years. First, he conducted a performance test on the previously purchased pill making machine, bag packaging machine and tablet press, and proposed machine maintenance suggestions. Then Kim proposed raw material processing program, they discussed the new equipment project in depth, then they finalize and singed a practical solution for the fully automatic heating and insulation mixing equipment , the new customized equipment was supposed to be completed machine performance test by middle of June.

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The second day Brady met with Chrislee,another famous manufacturer brand for healthcare product, the workers at the chrislee factory have very good experience in operating machines. Their mixing mechanism pill machines and packaging machines are well used and the machines are also well maintained.Their new project is to make a health oral tablet production line, and based on their factory production plan, Brady proposed one fully automatic product line with ZPW29 tablet press machine, and 16-channel tablet counting machine and bottle filling capping machine, Chrislee’s team were very satisfied with the new production line when they watched our previous similar case, they were putting the new procurement on the agenda.

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Then Brady visited Eugene,They mainly make pigment powder tablet cakes. Eugene raised an on-site operation problem. The shape of the existing wet mixing granulator was too high for workers to operate. Brady proposed an equipment improvement plan and customized a loading and unloading system specifically for his project. This not only facilitates workers' operation and observation, but also effectively ensures safety precautions. In addition, Eugene plans to produce large-diameter pigment powder cakes, and hopes to achieve high output with a single machine. Based on years of production and technical experience, Brady proposed a design plan for the TDP180 tablet press, increasing the machine power while achieving the same With three punches, this not only solves the production demand for large tablets, but also increases the production efficiency by three times.

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Brady received very high courtesy during his visit in Korea. Our customer said that our products are highly customized, of good quality, and very cost-effective they quite like our machines and also are very expressed by our excellence after-sales services.

They clarify that they cherrish a long term cooperation with us, and surely will use our equipment and if possible they shall Promote our machines at Korean local markets.

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