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YZ-10kg Double Cone Dry Powder Mixer


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YZ-10kg Double Cone Dry Powder Mixer


Product Description

YZ double cone dry powder mixer is suitable for mixing dry powder and granular materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, feed, ceramics, metallurgy and other industries.

This YZ series mixing machine is composed of main machine frame, drive system, loading mixing container. Whole machine made of SS304 material, also support SS316L material. YZ series dry powder mixing machine takes the Cone-shaped container for loading and mixing, this unique design makes there is no dead angle in mixing, high uniform efficiency, reasonable structure, convenient operation, material is made of stainless steel, good airtight, smooth inner wall and easy to clean; mixing time can be set and speed can be adjusted.


The double cone mixer has a unique structure design. The mixing container rotates. During this process, the materials in the container move in all directions, which makes the materials in the container be mixed more, with good effect and high mixing uniformity. The maximum load coefficient is 0.7.

1.This dry powder mixing machine is standard timing shutdown, speed adjustable 0-33R/M sorting purchase timed reverse mixing, can realize positive rotation after a few laps in a few laps so agreed to reverse the mixing time of shutdown, this function than the single direction of high mixing efficiency several times, the co pilot Laboratory of precision or mixed materials need efficient mixing.

2.The dry powder mixing machine is suitable for mixing dry, powdery, granular materials and irregular materials in pharmaceutical, chemical and food products.

3.The dry powder mixing machine mixer inner walls are smooth without any dead corner. The tank is provided with unique four-direction mixing movement track. With mixing evenness of 99%, high mixing precision and high speed, ideal mixing effect is achieved.