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Pellet capsule filling machine

Semi-automatic capsule filling machine

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Pellet capsule filling machine

Pellets filling machine is a new type of efficient pellet filling equipment. The new online pellet metering device (patented technology) can adjust the pellet loading volume without stopping the machine, and can realize micro-adjustment conveniently and reliably. The unloading adopts the principle of assisted unloading, which can effectively solve the measurement error caused by the electrostatic adsorption of pellets and improve the loading accuracy. By using the powder attachment (optional), you can easily fill powder and granules, realizing one machine with multiple functions.

    product description

    Customers can purchase two sets of molds for simultaneous use to improve production speed. The machine is made of 304 stainless steel material, which meets pharmaceutical production standards. We can also customize 316 stainless steel material. The voltage of the machine can also be customized.

    The capsule filling machine is equipped with a vacuum pump, and customers can connect the air pump themselves. The function of the vacuum pump is to separate the capsule shell and suck it into the mold. The air pump can be used for both capsule locking and powder hopper discharging. The machine is easy to operate and has working video guidance.

    The pellets filling machine represents a cutting-edge advancement in the domain of industrial filling equipment, providing a solution that is efficient, versatile, and precise. At the heart of this innovation lies the novel online pellet metering device, featuring patented technology that revolutionizes the process of adjusting pellet loading volume. This groundbreaking feature enables seamless adjustments to be made without the need to halt machine operations, thereby enhancing productivity and operational flexibility. Furthermore, the machine's ability to achieve micro-adjustments conveniently and reliably signifies a significant leap forward in filling equipment technology.

    Another notable feature of the pellets filling machine is its unloading mechanism, which operates on the principle of assisted unloading. This innovative approach serves to effectively resolve measurement errors stemming from the electrostatic adsorption of pellets, ultimately elevating loading accuracy and enhancing overall performance. Additionally, with the optional powder attachment, the machine offers the flexibility to handle both powder and granules, consolidating multiple functionalities within a single unit. This adaptability and versatility make the machine a valuable asset for businesses seeking to optimize their production processes and maximize efficiency.

    In summary, the pellets filling machine stands as a testament to innovation and optimization in industrial filling equipment, bringing together advanced technology and versatile design to address the diverse needs of modern industrial operations. Its capacity for seamless adjustments, enhanced accuracy, and multi-functional capabilities positions it as a key tool for businesses striving to achieve peak efficiency and performance in their operations.

    product Features

    1. Pellet capsule filling machine is PLC control

    2. Pellet capsule filling machine is imported servo motor

    3. Pellet capsule filling machine is equiped with frequency conversion speed regulating device

    Product parameters

    Mould changing time


    Production capacity

    25000-----30000 pcs/hour(depend on capsule size)

    Suitable capsule size


    Filling type

    Pellet, powder without moisture, granules



    Compressed air

    0.03m3/min   0.7Mpa

    Vacuum pump

    Pumping rate 40m3/h

    Overall dimension of machine (L*W*H)

    1.14×0.7×1.63 m

    Overall dimension of package (L*W*H)

    1.7×0.88×1.83 m

    Net weight