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Laboratory Mixing Equipment of V-Type Dry Powder Mixer

VH mixer

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Laboratory Mixing Equipment of V-Type Dry Powder Mixer

VH-50 mixer machine adopts labor feeding and enclosed flapper valve for discharging, can be implemented without dust, and no material mechanical extrusion and strong friction when mixed, can keep the material particles intact, the mixing barrel is made of stainless steel, without any pollution to the mixed material. In addition, the utility model is also provided with a timing device which can control the mixing time of the material.

    product description

    The exclusive V-shaped mixer design guarantees even blending. This compact machine is user-friendly and ideal for both laboratory and home settings. Crafted entirely from 304 stainless steel, it can also be customized with 316 stainless steel. With a speedy delivery time of 7 days, it is also equipped with a convenient jog function. This allows customers to conduct a preliminary test run before normal, continuous operation.

    product Features

    1. The external surface and material contact parts are made of 304 stainless steel.

    2. Manual feeding and closed disc valve discharging structure can realize dust free operation.

    3. V shape design, double arm , uniform mixing and high efficiency.

    4. Support PLC customize needs.

    5. Mixing time setting device.

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    Technical parameters

    Barrel volume (L)


    Working volume (L)


    Maximum loading (Kg)


    Cylinder diameter (mm)


    Feed inlet diameter (mm)


    Outlet diameter (mm)


    Cylinder speed (r/min)


    Power (Kw)


    Overall size(mm)