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VH-2 mini V type mixing machine

VH mixer

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VH-2 mini V type mixing machine

VH-2 mixer is suitable for the mixing of dry powder and granular materials in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. The mixing barrel of the machine has the advantages of unique structure, uniform mixing, high efficiency and no material accumulation. The machine has simple structure and easy operation. The external surface and material contact parts are made of high quality stainless steel, beautiful appearance, convenient maintenance and cleaning.

    product description

    The VH mixer has a unique V-shaped design, uniform mixing, and high efficiency. The machines are all made of 304 stainless steel material, and we can also accept customized 316 stainless steel material with a delivery time of approximately 7 days.

    The machine has a small size and is suitable for both laboratory and household use. The machine can adjust its speed, up to 24r/min. The mixing time of the machine can also be set. We can also customize PLC touch screens to make operations electronic.

    The machines are all packaged in export wooden boxes, which are safe and convenient.

    product Features

    1.VH-2 model with frequency conversion speed regulating device, customer can adjust the speed up to 24r/min.

    2.Machine is full ss304 material.

    3.We support customized the 316 material, PLC touch screen.

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    Technical parameters

    Barrel volume (L)


    Working volume (L)


    Motor power (Kw)


    Hybrid speed (r/min)


    Overall size(mm)


    Maximum loading (Kg)