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Yk-160 Pharmaceutical Oscillating Pellet Wet Powder Fertilizer Swing Granulator

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Yk-160 Pharmaceutical Oscillating Pellet Wet Powder Fertilizer Swing Granulator

This machine is a dedicated equipment to produce granules with the wet mixture of powder in positive and negative rotation in the roller to forcibly pass through the mesh screen.It is mainly applicable to pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries to produce granules in all specifications, which can be pressed into all kinds of shaped products after being oven-dried. Also it can be used for lumpish dry materials smashed and coagulated.


    The YK-160 swing granulator is used to grind wet powder into the required granules, and it can also crush block dry materials into the required granules. The main feature is that the screen is easy to assemble and disassemble, and the tightness can be adjusted appropriately. The seven-corner roller is easy to disassemble and clean. The mechanical transmission system is all enclosed in the machine body and equipped with a lubrication system, making the whole machine run smoothly. The speed of the rotating heptagonal drum can be adjusted. It is a new model designed and manufactured according to the requirements of GMP for pharmaceutical production. The entire appearance of the machine is enclosed with high-quality stainless steel plates. Make the appearance of the whole machine neat and beautiful, especially the screen mesh is made of metal wire mesh or stainless steel plate mesh. The quality and economic efficiency of the particles are greatly improved.

    product Features

    Stainless steel 304 /316 material YK160 Swing type Dry granulator mixer granulator for Powder processing:
    YK Swing type Dry granulator mixer granulator is Full Automatic granulator machine for Powder processing, and used for tablet press processing ,or capsule filling processing preparations.

    EXTRA optional item :
    -- PLC control system
    -- SS 316 material optional
    -- Full cover attached optional for powder/dust free requirment

    YK Granulator (1)eunYK Granulator (2)3gdYK Granulator (3)16a

    Technical parameters

    Dia of Rotor(mm)


    Production capacity(kg/h)


    Rang of Wave


    Number of Times of Waving rolingly(time/min)




    Weight (Kg)


    Overall Size(mm)