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WK 480 large honey pill making machine

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WK 480 large honey pill making machine

WK 480 large honey pill making machine is a stable performance machine, it is integrated bar making and pill rolling functions as one, so it can produce automatically large honey pill machine . It has a simple structure, easy operation, and high output. It can make 3, 6, and 9 grams of large honey pills. It can also be customized and replaced with molds to produce various specifications according to customer requirements. The water pills, concentrated pills and paste pills are ideal pill-making machines for hospital preparation rooms, small pharmaceutical factories, health products factories and traditional Chinese medicine clinics of a certain scale.

    product Features

    1. This machine consists of two parts: strip dispensing and pill making. It has a box-type structure and horizontal strip discharging. It has a simple structure, easy operation and convenient maintenance.

    2. The sliver delivery adopts worm gear reducer, and the transmission is stable and reliable.

    3. The pill rolling and pill cutting mechanisms of the pill making part are installed in a gearbox with good lubrication conditions. The pill cutting speed can be adjusted through the knob of the continuously variable transmission, so that the hob can achieve a speed of 6-30 rpm. , until the pill cutting speed matches the strip discharging speed.

    4. The feeding port is large, and the pressing plate turns to press materials, which is convenient for filling and can eliminate the phenomenon of shed materials. The hopper is bounded by the flap shaft and is divided into upper and lower parts, which can be disassembled for cleaning, which is very convenient. ​

    5. The electric heating adopts electric heating tube, which is safe and reliable, and the strips are smooth.

    6. Use alcohol to drip the medicinal strip. There is a brush on the outside of the pill-making knife to prevent sticking to the knife. The alcohol is placed in the square box of the strip dispensing mechanism, and the amount of alcohol is adjusted through the ball valve.

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    Technical parameters

    Machine Model

    WK  240

    WK 480

    Pill size range


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