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WK400 small honey pill making machine

Pill Making Machine

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WK400 small honey pill making machine

WK 400small honey pill making machine is widely used to produce various Chinese herbal medicine, honey based pills, water pills, honey pills, powder balls and pill-shaped foods in the diameter range of 3-10 mm. Its capacity is large, can reach 30-60kg/hr.

    product Features

    A:Including its components and mechanisms. It is important to note the various features and functionalities of the machine, such as its integration of strip and pill making, the location and operation of the strip discharging mechanism, and the use of gear reduction motors for smooth transmission in the rod-making mechanism. 
    B:Additionally, the inclusion of a box-type gearbox, vertical installation of shafts in the gearbox, and the use of lubricating oil are important factors to highlight when discussing the operational aspects of the machine. If there are any specific questions or details you would like to focus on, please feel free to share them.

    C. It seems like the information you provided is related to the manufacturing processes for producing bars and pills. The bar making process involves the extrusion of materials through a screw equipped with a rotating material pressing plate, and the formed bars are created when the material passes through a forming die.

    On the other hand, the pill making process involves a pair of shafts that move through rotation and axial reciprocation. The pills are formed using a pair of shaft cutters with semicircular grooves corresponding to the diameter of the pill.

    D. Additionally, the speed of the spindle cutters can be adjusted through a speed adjustment button, with a range of 0-50 rpm, and it's important for the speed to be synchronized with the strip speed for precise processing.

    If you have any specific questions or need further assistance related to this information, feel free to ask!

    E.The shaft cutters feature Teflon coating and individual brushes to prevent material adhesion. The strip making components, including the extrusion screw, material pressing plate, mold, shaft knife, and cleaning brush, are easily disassembled and cleaned. 
    F.The machine's compact structure and low noise level offer efficient operation, enabling one person to manage multiple units, thus reducing labor requirements. Overall, these features contribute to a user-friendly, low-maintenance, and efficient tablet press design, making it suitable for various industrial applications where cleanliness, ease of use, and labor-saving capabilities are essential factors.

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    Technical parameters



    Pill size 

    3-12 mm


    30-60 kg/h


    1.5 kw


    280 kg

    Overall size

    1100*650*1000 mm