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ZW -18 honey pill making machine

Pill Making Machine

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ZW -18 honey pill making machine

This ZW-18 fully automatic honey pill making machine is widely used to produce various Chinese herbal medicine, honey based pills, water pills, honey pills, powder balls and pill-shaped foods in the diameter range of 3-10 mm. ZW-18 honey pill making machine working principle is of automatically completes extrusion and pill rolling.

    product Features

    A. This machine is a fully automatic pill making machine that integrates strip making and pill making. The strip discharging mechanism is located on the upper left side of the rolling roller. It discharges strips straight and perpendicular to the two rolling rollers. It has a simple structure and is easy to clean and maintain.

    B. The rod-making mechanism adopts a gear reduction motor for smooth transmission. The pill-making part is installed in a box-type gearbox. The shaft of the rolling transmission mechanism and the shaft of the rotating transmission mechanism are installed vertically in the gearbox. Each of the two mechanisms is equipped with a transmission motor. , the gearbox is filled with lubricating oil.

    C. Bar making is the extrusion of materials through a screw. The screw is equipped with a rotating material pressing plate. The extruded and stressed material is formed into bars when passing through the forming die. The pill making process is a pair of shafts that move through rotation and axial reciprocation. It is formed when the cutter (a pair of shaft cutters is machined with a semicircular groove corresponding to the diameter of the pill to be formed on the circumferential surface).

    D. The speed of a pair of spindle cutters can be adjusted through the speed adjustment button. The speed adjustment range of this machine is 0-50 rpm. The specific speed adjustment requirement is to synchronize with the strip speed.

    E. The outer circumferential surface of a pair of shaft cutters is coated with a layer of Teflon, and each shaft cutter is equipped with a brush to prevent materials from sticking to the shaft cutters during the pilling process.

    F. The strip making extrusion screw, strip making material pressing plate, strip making mold, pill making shaft knife and cleaning brush are easy to disassemble and clean.

    G. The structure is compact and the noise is low. One person can operate several pieces of equipment, saving labor.

    Technical parameters



    Pill size 

    3-10 mm


    5-15 kg/h


    1.5 kw


    75 kg

    Overall size

    550*450*570 mm