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SWZ 125 large honey pill making machine

Pill Making Machine

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SWZ 125 large honey pill making machine

SWZ-125 automatic large honey pill making machine is a special equipment for the production of large pills. This machine integrates photoelectricity and machinery, realizing automated, scientific, efficient and environmentally friendly production of pills. The pill weight difference of this mechanism complies with the specifications; the finished product and the feed head are automatically separated without screening; the parts contacting the drug and the overall sealing material are stainless steel; the mold is made of mold steel, which is durable and the overall shape is beautiful, pollution-free, easy to clean, and easy to use. Easy to maintain and operate.

    product description

    This series of automatic pellet machines consists of several main parts such as extrusion, strip feeding, pill rolling, photoelectric actuator and segment transmission.

    The lumps of material taken from the blending machine are first extruded into strips by the screw propeller of this machine. For the pill rolling part.

    The horizontal screw propeller of this machine is made of stainless steel. The propeller consists of a box body, an unequal moment screw, a pair of mixing blades, a gear box, and a strip nozzle. The speed-adjustable motor drives the spiral and the stirring blade to rotate through the transmission chain. After the lump of material put in from the material port is stirred, it is transferred to the spiral and pushed forward along the spiral surface, and the medicinal strips are continuously squeezed out from the outlet nozzle. The flow rate for extruding 3, 6, and 9-gram bars must be the same, and the flow rate and pressure must be changed. Therefore, this machine uses a speed-regulating motor to smoothly change the speed of the propeller spiral, which can be achieved.

    The extruded medicine strips are transported from the strip conveying section to the pill rolling section.

    The strip conveyor adopts a suspended roller conveyor, which is a special conveying equipment specially designed according to the characteristics and working mode of the medicine strip. It consists of a group of holes that roll through the rectangular bearing seat, equidistantly and horizontally suspended in the space. The bearing seat Both ends are fixed on the frame, and the set of rollers is driven by the transmission chain to roll in the direction of the bar advancement. The hanging roller supports the strip as it travels. The linear speed of the hanging roller matches the flow rate of the strip. The surface of the PTFE tube of the hanging roller sleeve is smooth, so that the medicinal strip does not deform and does not stick to the material during transportation, which is the difference in the weight of the pills. Compliance with specifications lays the foundation. The first end of the medicinal strip enters the light-receiving area of the photoelectric tube, and the stainless steel knife of the electric manipulator is attached to the front strip outlet to cut off its tail end, and the broken strip is pushed down from the hanging roller. Subsequent bars have traveled on the overhang. Suspended roller continuous conveyor bar for continuous operation of the pill rolling section.

    The manipulator for cutting strips is a photoelectric actuator, which is composed of PLC integrated circuit, electrical control cylinder, photoelectric tube, electromagnet, etc. When the head end of the suspended roller conveyed bar enters the optical signal area, the bar light shines on the PN junction of the photoelectric tube, and the electrical signal converted from the optical signal conducts the PLC, driving the stainless steel knife of the manipulator to move forward along the straight part of the straight up and down trajectory. , cut off the bar during the movement, pass the broken bar to the pill rolling part and then return along the upper chord curve part. The coupling element hits the contact of the iron core, the clutch separates from the main wheel, and the manipulator returns to the rest position, so that the manipulator completes one cut. Send a message task. Waiting for instructions from subsequent light signals, the manipulator works intermittently.

    The manipulator passes the broken strips to the pilling part. The movable rollers and supporting rollers in the pill rolling part support the strip, and the movable roller pushes the strip to roll towards the fixed roller. As the distance between the movable roller and the fixed roller gradually shrinks, the strip is gradually cut into equal parts, and each section of strip is rolled on the three-roller The ball cavity rotates relative to the roller and is gradually rolled into round and bright pellets. The cutting and rubbing time is controlled by PLC time. When the time comes, it will automatically open and the pellets will be spit out. The pill rolling department completed a pill rolling task. Wait for the subsequent instruction of delayed light signal before continuing to take pills. When the 3, 6, 9 gram rollers and strip nozzles are replaced, the pills can be automatically made.

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