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WZM 72A honey pill making machine

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WZM 72A honey pill making machine

This WZM-72A fully automatic honey pill making machine is widely used to produce various Chinese herbal medicine, honey based pills, water pills, honey pills, powder balls and pill-shaped foods in the diameter range of 3-10 mm. ZW-18 honey pill making machine working principle is of automatically completes extrusion and pill rolling.

    product description

    1.This machine consists of two parts: strip making and pill making. It has a box-test structure and horizontal strip dispensing. Machine simple structure, easy operation and convenient maintenance.

    2. The sliver-making mechanism adopts a gear reduction motor to drive smoothly, transmission is stable and reliable.

    3. The pill rolling and pill cutting mechanisms of the pill making part are installed in a gearbox, and the machine parts have good lubrication conditions. The pill making speed can be adjusted through the speed control motor knob until the pill making speed matches the strip discharging speed.

    4.It sounds like you are describing some features and processes related to a tablet press machine and the pill-making operation. The large feeding port and the design of the pressing plate appear to make the machine more user-friendly and efficient.
    5.The use of alcohol in the medicinal strip delivery mechanism, along with the brush to prevent sticking to the pill-making knife, is a valuable detail for ensuring the smooth operation of the tablet press machine.

    The WZM-72A fully automatic honey pill making machine plays a pivotal role in the production of a diverse range of products, including Chinese herbal medicine, honey-based pills, water pills, honey pills, powder balls, and pill-shaped foods, all within the diameter range of 3-10 mm. This versatile and efficient machine embodies adaptability and precision, meeting the varied demands of the pharmaceutical and food industries. Its automated processes ensure consistency and quality, catering to the specific requirements of each product type.

    Furthermore, the ZW-18 honey pill making machine operates on the principle of automatically completing extrusion and pill rolling, showcasing its advanced and innovative design. This automated functionality streamlines the production process, reducing manual labor and human intervention while enhancing efficiency and productivity. By seamlessly executing the extrusion and pill rolling tasks, this machine exemplifies the integration of cutting-edge technology and engineering precision, resulting in a reliable and high-performance manufacturing solution.

    Additionally, the widespread utilization of these machines underscores their significance within the pharmaceutical and food sectors, where precision and hygiene are paramount. The ability to produce a variety of products with precise diameters underscores the adaptability and versatility of the WZM-72A and ZW-18 machines, making them indispensable assets in modern production facilities. Whether used for traditional Chinese herbal medicines or modern pill-shaped foods, these machines epitomize the seamless convergence of technology and production, contributing to the consistent and efficient creation of high-quality products.

    If you need further information or assistance with anything else related to these processes or equipment, feel free to let me know!

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    Technical parameters



    Pill size 

    8-24 mm


    15-65 kg/h


    2.5 kw  380V 3 phase


    350 kg

    Overall size